A tour of some of the pieces I come home to.

Love this Zach Johnsen mini

Stephen Holding/ Metalwing– Steve and I had a show together in Hong Kong a few years ago that was one of my favorites. In addition to our own works, we collaborated on 2 layered, shadow box inspired pieces which got an overwhelmingly good response. We’re currently working on a new set, inspired by our last.

Another of Zach’s works, he’s a close friend and frequent collaborator, I’m lucky enough to have several of his paintings & I’m always hoping to collect more.

Kenji Nakayama & Ryan Lombardi,two very talented friends from Boston.

One of my nearest and dearest, the lovely and talented Kimberly Beury.

2 Daniel St. George prints that I adore.

Zach & Kim side by side

Ben Pease- this was his 1st oil painting. Do yourself a favor and check more recent works. Ben is one of the most talented painters I have ever come in contact with, also a good friend, I was lucky enough to share a studio with him in college- huge inspiration.

Stunning mirror, hand chiseled by my father. He threatens to steal this back every time he visits, that’s not happening.

Adam Amengual– one of my best friends, I’m hoping to have some new works of his very soon!