I recently made a trip out to LA to visit two friends, who over the past decade have really become family to me, Mr. & Mrs. Adam & Kate Amengual. It was a really great trip, the best of all worlds; I enjoyed several days with my nearest and dearest, beautiful weather, the Art In The Streets exhibit at MOCA (more on this later), yogurt land, and last but certainly not least, I got a sneak peek at Adam’s most recent works.

As usual, Adam’s photography blew me away, I’ve been waiting for him to finish and post his latest project on his website so that I could write about it here.

Adam spent 6 months putting together his Homeboy Industries portrait project & I think that his time and dedication to his craft is extremely evident in these bold, telling photographs.

Please take a look at both Adam’s blog & website. I’m sure you will quickly see why he is such an inspiration to me.