aamengual_skatopia_16-550x550 aamengual_skatopia_18-550x550 aamengual_skatopia_22-550x550I have always been most inspired by my surroundings, by the colors, objects & people in my own environment. Adam Amengual has been a strong influence since we met at Mass Art almost 14 years ago. Both his photography & his commitment to his craft have inspired me in my own work. I’ve drawn from his use of color and have repeatedly used his photos as reference. So please take a look at his work and recent accolades.

Recent feature in APE

Recent release of his “Homies” book through Stray Light Press

Blog: http://www.adamamengual.tumblr.com and http://www.wandering-wayfarer.com
Twitter: @aamengual
Email: info@adamamengual.com