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I recently made a trip out to LA to visit two friends, who over the past decade have really become family to me, Mr. & Mrs. Adam & Kate Amengual. It was a really great trip, the best of all worlds; I enjoyed several days with my nearest and dearest, beautiful weather, the Art In The Streets exhibit at MOCA (more on this later), yogurt land, and last but certainly not least, I got a sneak peek at Adam’s most recent works.

As usual, Adam’s photography blew me away, I’ve been waiting for him to finish and post his latest project on his website so that I could write about it here.

Adam spent 6 months putting together his Homeboy Industries portrait project & I think that his time and dedication to his craft is extremely evident in these bold, telling photographs.

Please take a look at both Adam’s blog & website. I’m sure you will quickly see why he is such an inspiration to me.


I spent a lot of time over the holidays, rifling through old family photos and thinking about my own family’s art history. I grew up in an art-centric household and was heavily encouraged to pursue a career in the arts, while many of my peers where dissuaded.

I very clearly remember discussing with my parents, the idea of applying to liberal arts schools, and minoring in art instead of majoring, so that I’d have a better chance of being “successful”. My parents basically crushed that idea and suggested I focus on what I was passionate about; rather than a back up plan that might give me a chance at being monetarily accomplished. I’m very thankful for their encouragement and don’t think I could have grown up in a better environment.

Both of my parents went to art school; my father in Switzerland & my mother, just around the corner from where I live now, Pratt. Each of them come from families with creative backgrounds and were similarly encouraged to focus on their interests.

Here are the fruits of my riflings; a small tour of my personal art history.

My father’s parents, Aurelio & Ida.

Ida was an amazing seamstress. I have lots of fond memories of watching her sew and sewing with her. Her daughter, my Aunt Vanna studied Fashion in Switzerland. When I was younger I remember stumbling across her fashion sketches in my nona’s apartment. They were amazing and definitely inspired me to want to know more about fashion and fashion illustration.

This is a cubist portrait of my nono, painted by Libico Maraja.

Another portrait by Libico, of a close friend of my grandparents.

My maternal grandfather, Bennett, my mother, Wendy, her sisters Kim & Pam & my nana, Eleanor.

My grandmother, was & still is quite the fashionista. I remember helping her into this fabulous sailor-halter-jumpsuit when she was in her 60’s. She was stunning.

My nana also encouraged me as far as painting, drawing & cultural arts were concerned. Her house is full of art and very interesting art books. She also paints though more as a hobby.

My mother majored in photography. I found this etching of Woody Allen on top of some of her slides while I was snooping. I though it was cool.

I love this photo she took of my father.

This is a photograph taken by our close family friend, Sandy Rosenberg, she and my mother met while my mom was in school. My mother’s Pratt friends were a huge creative influence during my childhood.

This is one of my mother’s photographs from her school days. I love the kid sitting on ped/cross light. I’ll do a post of her photos soon, when I have time to scan them properly. She is very talented.

I previously posted my father’s wood work, but wanted to share a few shots of his amulets. Growing up these were referred to as “No Touch Things”.

This photo of my mom’s jade tree might seem slightly off topic, but I think it’s a work of art and another testament to my mother’s ability to nurture.
Finally, here’s me, barely walking and already being encouraged to draw.

Last weekend, I traveled to Boston to visit with friends & celebrate my cousin Bennett’s 30th birthday. I’m pretty familiar with the city as I went to MASS ART and spent my college years there.

I made a lot of good friends at Mass Art and since quite a lot of us relocated to NYC, those friends are still some of my closest almost a decade later. However, there are still a few I have to travel to see. 2 fellow illustration majors, Ben Pease & Kurt Brown stayed in Boston and are both fiercely championing the art of tattoo at very creative shop in
Cambridge, Pino Bros Ink . I usually pay the place a visit every time I’m in town.

Here’s a little tour.

Benny & Kurt at work in the shop.

One of Kurts paintings.
Sketching out a new tattoo. Wonder who will be wearing it?
the office.
One of Ben’s watercolors.

hard at work.

A tour of some of the pieces I come home to.

Love this Zach Johnsen mini

Stephen Holding/ Metalwing– Steve and I had a show together in Hong Kong a few years ago that was one of my favorites. In addition to our own works, we collaborated on 2 layered, shadow box inspired pieces which got an overwhelmingly good response. We’re currently working on a new set, inspired by our last.

Another of Zach’s works, he’s a close friend and frequent collaborator, I’m lucky enough to have several of his paintings & I’m always hoping to collect more.

Kenji Nakayama & Ryan Lombardi,two very talented friends from Boston.

One of my nearest and dearest, the lovely and talented Kimberly Beury.

2 Daniel St. George prints that I adore.

Zach & Kim side by side

Ben Pease- this was his 1st oil painting. Do yourself a favor and check more recent works. Ben is one of the most talented painters I have ever come in contact with, also a good friend, I was lucky enough to share a studio with him in college- huge inspiration.

Stunning mirror, hand chiseled by my father. He threatens to steal this back every time he visits, that’s not happening.

Adam Amengual– one of my best friends, I’m hoping to have some new works of his very soon!

Please allow me one moment to brag about my father, Aurelio Bolognesi, the coolest guy I know. He and my mother have been a consistent source of inspiration throughout my life. In the past few years, my father has really dove in, head first, into his major passion, furniture designing and crafting. He constantly amazes me with his work, reaching new levels of creativity and craftsmanship with each piece he creates.

Took some behind the scenes snaps of the artwork & creative decorations being put together in preparation for the Monster Mash tonight at Factory Studios. Everyone that can should try to make it through.

Here’s the woman behind the madness, Debbie and her 8 ft tall zombie hand.

Another friendly face at the setup, Greg AKA Mister Never.

Debbie stitched all these letters by hand!

The always lovely and very talented Ms. Adrienne Dowd.

Debbie’s pieces, she also plans to dress as zombie Minnie. looking forward to seeing it all together.

Steve & Dana’s pieces for the show. Steve just got back from a month long Artist’s residency. Can’t wait to see all the work he created.

Here’s a little tribute to two of my absolute favorite people, Kate & Adam Amengual. Adam is an amazing photographer, I’ve used many of his photos as reference for my paintings (including these two).

I did these pieces for Kate’s birthday this year.

My good friend Debbie recently asked me to participate in Monster Mash, a Halloween mash up of Art, live music, and Kaiju madness. She’s helping put the event together so I know it’ll be great!

I’m excited to get a little bit gory with my watercolor. This Friday night will not be spent on the town, I’m gonna be holed up in my apt, drinking wine and turning my pretty paints into a bloody nightmare… CAN’T WAIT!!!

p.s. Debbie did this flyer, pretty great right? I’m a big fan of her gooey design stylings.