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vacation= catch-up, time to double up. Here’s the latest ip.


This spring is looking to be a busy one with two trips planned and exciting excursions already filling up those weekend blocks on my calendar. That means I need to be painting every free second I have in order to fill the walls of the two shows I have lined up for August. You’ll be seeing a lot more in progress shots as I’m trying to stay on top of my process posts. Here’s one for tonight.


Latest IP piece- this is for an upcoming collaborative set I’m working on with Stephen Holding/ Metalwing.

A little sneak peak at my newest piece (left), still in the works. You may have seen earlier pics below.
This, paired with it’s sister piece “Remember” beside it, are the starting pieces in a new series that I’m pretty excited about.


Lately I’ve been taking in progress shots of my work. It helps me to take a step outside of the piece. Here are a couple from the “For Colored Girls” painting & others from the piece I’m working on right now.