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aamengual_skatopia_16-550x550 aamengual_skatopia_18-550x550 aamengual_skatopia_22-550x550I have always been most inspired by my surroundings, by the colors, objects & people in my own environment. Adam Amengual has been a strong influence since we met at Mass Art almost 14 years ago. Both his photography & his commitment to his craft have inspired me in my own work. I’ve drawn from his use of color and have repeatedly used his photos as reference. So please take a look at his work and recent accolades.

Recent feature in APE

Recent release of his “Homies” book through Stray Light Press
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Twitter: @aamengual


FINALLY! Stephen Holding and I have been steadily collaborating since our 2007 joint exhibit- Inner Vision at Six Keyz Gallery in Hong Kong. We’ve received many requests to release a print set based off of our collabs. It’s been a bit of a challenge to fulfill that request as our collaborations are layered panels of plexiglass and watercolor paper built into custom shadow box frames. However, we finally have a 2D image that translates the 3D quality of our joint work & so, without further ado, I’d like to present, our first collaborative print-“INNERVISION 1”


A large cardboard tube arrived this afternoon all the way from Columbia & completely made my week. Inside was the very ripe fruit of a 2 year correspondence/ collaboration with my buddy, Bogotá’s STINKFISH. Our hectic, conflicting schedules made our collaboration process slow but, the piece was well worth the wait. I hope you think so too.

Prints of the collab are already on their way- they’re available for pre-order HERE.

After many requests, I’ve re-released my REMEMBER print. This is a special edition as it is full size.

I hope you enjoy!



Take a peek, offer your support, submit a portrait. We welcome your participation.

Hello everyone,

It’s been a really long, long time. I have been one BUSY lady and my blog has certainly suffered during this whirlwind year. I see no better way to rekindle my dialogue with you than to offer a sneak peak into one of my current projects,The Obama Portrait Project. This project is the brain-child of my friend, Mioko– who wanted to demonstrate her support for our president in an artistic manner & offered me the opportunity to join her.

Our site will be live any moment now, in the interim, please stop by my web-store to view larger images and pre-order the set. All proceeds will be donated to the DNC.

I will post more when the site goes live.

The new prints are up!

I just received this hot little pic from my dear friend and printer. New prints will be up in the store soon! 

My recent collaboration with Tank Theory was officially launched today. You can buy the Voodoo skull ltd. print through my store or the complete Voodoo Skull Tshirt & Print package through

Check it out-

I have 3 original pieces currently being featured through I’m proud to be part of their selection, they have some very interesting works on the site.