I have 3 original pieces currently being featured through 5piecesgallery.com. I’m proud to be part of their selection, they have some very interesting works on the site.


Every time I’m in a plane, staring out into the clouds, I imagine I’m looking at the landscape of another world, one that constantly floats above us, just out of our reach. Photojournalist Rüdiger Nehmzow seems to have captured that world.

Thanks for sharing HonestlyWTF.com,.

My buddy Stinkfish has a show opening at Brooklynite Gallery this Sat, Nov 5th from 6-9. I’ll be there, will you?

Amazing work, can’t wait to see more this weekend! I’m putting a package together for him as I type this, keep an eye out for some Stinkfish x Marion B collabs, they’re in the works…


This blog has been a bit of a selfish space lately, I haven’t posted much outside of my own happenings since spring. What can I say, summer is one hell of a drug and I am just now sobering up.

Anyway, I’m very happy to re-open my blog to external artworks and ideas & I see no better way to begin than with the work of my friend, photographer, Aria Newton.

Photography is very interesting to me, it’s amazing what you can learn about a person by looking through the moments and space they choose to capture. Aria’s photographs are dynamic & hopeful, just like she is.

Aria is a new mother, her 1st child turned 1 this summer. Motherhood has definitely opened up a new world for Aria but it hasn’t hindered her in her work. She just recently started a family photography business. I really enjoyed looking through her family portraits. I especially like this 1st image below, his eyes are so expressive.

The For Colored Girls poster I illustrated for Ignition Print/ Lionsgate won Key Art Awards in two categories, One Sheet & Illustration. Nice news to start the weekend with.

After many requests, I’ve released a new print edition of my “Bluebird” painting created in 2005. Its available now in my store.

I recently received my new surfboard from Artboardz.com it is AWESOME, time to start surfing! Check it out, or even buy one! They have a great artists series going, keep an eye out.

I’ll be showing work in a group exhibition at the Grace Institute, August 11th through September 9th. The opening reception is Thursday, August 11th from 5:30 to 8pm. Hope to see you there!

Just a reminder for anyone in the Chicago area, my new solo show, IN YOUR FACE opens this Saturday, August 6th at the Three Peas Art Lounge (75 east 16th Street).

The opening reception is from 6-10 & the show will run until September 30th.
I’ll be showing an entirely new body of work. If you’re not in the area but have friends that are, please pass this along.
xoxo MB